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about us

zigong da cheng chemical manufacture limited company is a factory which product chemical over a long period of time. it is located in the south of the sichuan province.the city- zigong the chemical city where is famous for the capital of the salt the native resources is abundant, transportation is convenience.so it make the company’s original material supply have sufficient guarantee.

  subsidiary company was founded in 2006, zigong dacheng electronic material co., ltd., and zigong to achieve chemical manufacturing co., ltd., the production of barium chloride as raw materials, production of refined high purity barium chloride and barium hydroxide products, in charge of export business.


the company mainly produces products ,best-quality barium chloride, no-water barium chloride,high-purity barium carbonate,barium hydroxide,calcium chloride,barium carbonate,barium sulfate and so on productions.the company regards the product’s quality. observe the reputation.which made their productions are not only largely saled to the domestic areas but also the part of them are exported to the abroad.

 company is regarding product quantity as the core, then serve the customer is aim, at the same time the company implement the principles of the humanization and pay great attention to the incubation and introductions of talented persons .the business  always continuously keeps creative vitality, it satisfy  with the customer’s need of the continuously change and the development.

   quality system covering all the products of the company, we sincerely hope and the domestic, and foreign counterparts, customers sincere cooperation; to provide the high quality product for the customer at the same time, we are committed to providing the best, the most perfect service to all users.

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